Chacka Marketing Gains Performance Lift with Bid Skillet


Chacka Marketing enlisted Bid Skillet to drive growth for a leading

retail client Chacka Marketing is a premier digital marketing agency

that uses the Kenshoo Infinity Suite to optimize Google Product

Listing Ads for a leading retail client. In its relentless pursuit to

increase volume and efficiency through testing new opportunities,

Chacka partnered with Bid Skillet to bring its predictive optimization

intelligence to the Kenshoo bid platform.


Gain incremental visibility and revenue from Google PLAs


The client’s PLA program was already a top-performing channel, but Chacka saw an opportunity to win incremental revenue from products with untapped potential.


With thousands of products, it was a challenge to gather enough conversion data to identify which products are worthy of investment. And many products didn’t gather any data, because bids weren’t high enough to show ads consistently.





Enrich the Kenshoo bidding platform with external predictive signals from Bid Skillet


Bid Skillet analyzed the landscape of demand and competition for every product in the client’s product feed, then predicted the products that had potential to drive incremental revenue.


Using these external signals, Bid Skillet recommended new product groupings, bid multipliers, and title optimizations that fed into the Kenshoo system.





Unlocked 62% revenue growth in mobile with strong incremental ROI


Bid Skillet proved to be a strong predictor of conversion potential. For example, it identified a selection of products that proved to have an 80% stronger conversion rate than other products.


After activating the new Bid Skillet landscape in Kenshoo, overall revenue in Google Shopping increased by 38% and mobile revenue increased by a whopping 62%.


Incremental ROI was extremely positive at 3:1, which far exceeds the ROI that could have been achieved in other channels or with further investment in non-brand search.

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