Amwell Partners with Chacka Marketing and Kenshoo to Drive Mobile App Activity & Increase Clinical Visits by 667%


Amwell, the consumer brand of American Well, focuses on

improving consumer access to more affordable and transparent

healthcare using mobile and web technology. It offers a

HIPPA-compliant technology platform and access to board-certified

clinicians for health plans and health systems as well as to employers and directly to consumers.



Amwell was looking for effective ways to drive mobile app enrollments and online doctor visits through search marketing while enabling onsite and in-app event tracking. Amwell also needed technology partners and solutions that could responsibly safeguard protected health information (PHI), while still accurately tracking conversions – app installs and opens, enrollments, and clinical visits – through the funnel.



The team partnered with search engine marketing agency, Chacka Marketing, to assist them in launching paid search campaigns. By leveraging the Kenshoo platform, the Chacka team was able to:

  • Automate bidding with Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer (KPO)

Chacka’s primary objective was to decrease overall cost-per-enrollment (CPE) while increasing app enrollments. To do so, the team leveraged Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer (KPO) for its app install campaigns to optimize bids towards a goal of maximum profit. Kenshoo’s bidding policies automatically clustered keywords with similar traits to create portfolios of keywords and adjusted bids accordingly to meet the defined profit goals.

  • Pass mobile conversion data to Kenshoo through TUNE’s MobileAppTracking (MAT) SDK to track engagement from first impression to online visit completion

The team also leveraged TUNE, a mobile tracking solution, to gather mobile app engagement data. In order to fully integrate cross-channel efforts, the Chacka team utilized TUNE’s MobileAppTracking SDK to make mobile interactions visible within Kenshoo. By doing so, this created a holistic picture of the customer journey and allowed the team to make more precise optimizations.

  • Implement Kenshoo tracking to properly account for conversions


Amwell wanted to accurately track post-click registrations; however, it needed a solution that would do so while also safeguarding protected health information. Because Kenshoo masked IP addresses, Amwell could track and optimize around keywords driving users having doctor visits.




After months of optimizing toward both cost-per-enrollment (CPE) and cost-per-visit (CPV) goals, Chacka was able to quantify the lifetime value of enrollees and visitors, optimizing to a true CPV. In addition, the team was able to capture conversion information without compromising protected health information. As a result, after 5 months, visits increased by 667% and cost-per-visit decreased by 71%.

In addition, the creation of proper tracking and optimization infrastructure between Kenshoo and TUNE allowed Chacka to directly measure each step of the visit cycle, cost-effectively scale the campaign, and as a result, make a compelling case to increase paid search spend by more than 230% in a 4 month period.

The combination of Kenshoo, TUNE and Chacka have been integral to our success on mobile search channels. The team’s progress has been notable and it’s because of our partners’ efforts that new mobile users can easily find Amwell using Search.



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